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Thermally Conductive Material Applications In Automotive Electronics



      Automotive Electronic Products Can Generally Be Classified Into Two Categories, One Is Automotive Electronic Control Devices, And The Other Is Automotive Electronic Devices. Among Them, The Former Is Used In Conjunction With The On-Board Mechanical System, That Is, The So-Called "Electromechanical Combination" Of Semiconductor Market Application Structure Automotive Electronic Devices, Including Engine Control Systems, Chassis Control Systems, And Body Electronic Control Systems. The Latter Is An Electronic Device That Can Be Used Independently In An Automotive Environment. It Is Not Directly Related To The Performance Of The Car Itself, Including Automotive Information Systems, Navigation Systems, Car Audio And Television Entertainment Systems. With The Rise Of New Energy Vehicles, Automotive Electronics Has Added Many Control Systems To New Energy Vehicles, Such As Dual-Mode Powertrain Control, Battery Management Systems, Car Chargers, DC-DC Converter Control, And More.Hand In Hand With Hongda

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