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What are the advantages of thermal conductive silicone in applications



Mica although cheap, good dielectric strength, but the brittleness and fragility. Because of mica used alone when the total thermal resistance including interface thermal resistance and heat resistance of the material itself is very high, often with heat conduction glue to eliminate air, reduce the interface thermal resistance.

If the mica is very thin (50 ~ 80 microns), the total thermal resistance will be lower. However, there is a long time in the process of heat conduction glue assembly, cleaning difficulties, dirt, need to prevent solder pollution, be careful not to be washed away in the process of production, but also pay attention to prevent the silicone oil electrode joints corrosion problems.

 Silicone oil as part of the organic silicon, as time goes on, the silicon molecules move, cause pollution of the pulp drying and accessories. Silicon molecules to the surface of the connector migration reduces the conductivity. As a result, many industries are no longer using silicone oil.

Compared with the traditional mica, silicone oil, thermal conductivity silicone grease, more efficient, cleaner, more convenient, can satisfy the user to the coefficient of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance, breakdown voltage, thickness, soft, hardness, and the pursuit of different temperatures. Thermal conductive silicone in the fierce market competition, because it can achieve the best effect of insulating thermal conductive, make its product quality to reach a new level.


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