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How to choose and thermal conductive silicone



A thermal conductive materials commonly used in electronic products is thermal conductive silicone, can from the quality of the silicon grease, add packing different to judge the stand or fall of thermal conductive silicone. Because of their packing nano diamond silicone, silicone. At the same time, should also pay attention to the difference between thermal conductive silicone and silicone. From a practical sense, silica gel is industrial silica gel, thermal conductive silicone has nothing to do with them.


1. Solid content: this refers to the regulation under the condition of dry the rest after thermal conductive silicone proportion in the total mass. In fact, referred to as "no volatile content" is more accurate. Solid content is higher, the higher the viscosity of silicone, it's harder.

2. The thermal resistance: this is the comprehensive reflect the ability to prevent heat transfer parameters. In thermal conductivity silicone grease, thermal resistance, the smaller the effect of heat transfer in the product, the better. In the engineering application of heat transfer, in order to meet the requirements of the production process, reduce the thermal resistance to strengthen heat transfer, or by increasing the thermal resistance to inhibit heat transfer.

3. The coefficient of thermal conductivity: this is one of the important indicators of judging the performance of thermal conductive silicone, it refers to the heat transfer in a stable condition, the temperature difference on both sides of 1 c material by 1 square meter area for heat transfer, with the "lambda", said the unit for tile/m. K (W/m K, including "K" can be replace by ℃). The higher the coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicone, of course, the more expensive.

4. Oil content: in general, the lower the thermal conductive silicone oil content, the better, because of high oil content of the organic silicon grease storage time is a bit long, can make some grease separation, thus to some extent, prevent heat conduction.

These four o 'clock, when we choose and thermal conductive silicone can be used as a reference, if you still don't understand can consulting professionals. Shenzhen hong da industrial co., LTD is a professional hong da industrial focus to the study of thermal conductive silicone, provide customized thermal conductive silicone application solutions, application range, can be used the military-industrial complex, communications and IT industry, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, LED lighting, electric pool heat dissipation, power supply, integrated circuit semiconductor industry. Welcome new and old customers friends to choose.


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