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Thermal Silica Film HD - P250
  • Thermal Silica Film HD - P250

Thermal Silica Film HD - P250

型号:HD - P250

       HD - P250 thermal pad has a high degree of compliance, can achieve excellent performance of thermal conductivity, while maintaining the economic efficiency. Specially designed for use of gap heat transfer scheme is made, can fill the gap, improve heating parts and cooling parts of the heat transfer ability. These materials with minimum pressure and coordination with the joint surface, is small or not produce stress on parts. HD - P250 thermal pad has a super excellent soft surface hardness can be customized.

Viscosity, more closely attached on the electronic components, at the same time covering the micro uneven surface so as to make a good contact with matching parts and improve the efficiency of heat conduction. The thickness of the products can be according to customer requirements and customized, you can also choose to back glue or single sided sticky, easy to use.




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