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Thermal conductive silicone which is suitable for storage in the environment



Thermal conductivity of silicon grease packing is divided into canned and syringes. Most factories, such as power supply and led industry, usually use cans packaging. If there isn't a one-time use up canned thermal conductive silicone, one common practice is to throw out the lid and wait for next time use. In fact, this method is not recommended. Small doses typically syringe packing. Thermal conductive silicone storage environment is very important. In general, silicon grease storage temperature is approximately 30 degrees. If stored improperly, it will make the thermal conductive silicone hard and lost its due performance. Thermal conductive silicone storage life for eight months, but this does not mean that as long as the production time more than eight months will not be able to use, can also store a few years. Store in general, good thermal conductivity silicone grease when rubbing is slippery, stored but not nonsense, it will exist in the form of dust. If rubbing can erase it, that means it can no longer in use. Canned thermal conductive silicone after use must be placed in a cool environment, are not allowed to put in direct sunlight environment, also pay special attention not to be affected with damp be affected with damp.



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