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How to correctly use thermal conductive silicone



Thermal conductive silicone generally called thermal paste, but it has no heat dissipation function. In the radiator thermal conductive silicone is primarily a medium between the heat source and thermal conductive materials, by reducing the contact thermal resistance between them, can achieve better heat dissipation effect. Thermal conductive silicone performance is very stable, materials are green environmental protection material, nonpoisonous and harmless, no corrosive gas.


The use of the silicon grease is often directly affect the heat dissipation. Many people in the use of thermal conductive silicone has a wrong idea. They think that the more thick thermal conductive silicone coating, thermal effect, the better. In fact, otherwise, the thin thermal conductive silicone coating, cooling effect is better. Whatever the radiator base, as long as evenly coated with a layer of thin material, can achieve good effect of thermal conductivity. After the completion of the application, best can vaguely see the contact area. The most important thing is to apply evenly, no impurities and air bubbles.

Thermal conductivity silicone grease with high heat dissipation requirements of large heating users (such as the central processing unit) is particularly important. Product performance will directly affect the stability and the effect of heat. In the whole product cooling scheme, the choice of a good radiator is very important, but choose a good silicone and learn to use right is also very important.


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