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The application of thermal conductive silicone pieces in the market



In the past, thermal interface materials not mature now. In 2004, Taiwan said the thermal interface material products for thermal conductive silicon film, and it has many names in our mainland, such as thermal conductivity, thermal conductive gasket, thermal conductive silicone pads, etc. Is the design that USES gap heat transfer solutions specializing in the production. Thermal conductive silicon is a good way to fill the gap, because it has the compressibility and thickness can be customized, can satisfy the design requirements of ultra-thin equipment and miniaturization. It is a thermal conductive filler material plasticity and manufacturability. The thermal conductive materials used in the electronic products need cooling electronic components, such as motor, both inside and outside the back, the car machinery, control board, pen type host, electronic appliances, mainframe computers, DVD, etc. At present, the thermal conductivity of silicon USES many instant sexual products, the main products such as light-emitting diodes, power supply, led products, high-power power and huawei, zte, foxconn and other large manufacturers. To say the thermal conductive silicon is very popular in the market.

Our company produces the thermal conductive silicone pieces are all made of top quality materials. Under such fierce competition, we adhere to serve every customer better price, at the same time, guarantee the stability of product quality, and strive for every need to use the thermal conductivity of silicon sheet manufacturers buy more cost-effective products. Future market increasingly mature, this kind of product will be not only used in the electronics industry, also will be used for automotive electronics and medical industries. According to the survey, thermal conductive silicon in electronic industry and auto electronics industry the highest utilization rate, 80% higher than other industries. Use of other industries, according to the market data analysis, respectively is: light-emitting diode industry 30%, 30% of mobile phone industry, computer industry 30%, auto industry 20%, 5% of the medical profession. As the new energy vehicles and electronic equipment, and other small the popularity of mobile technology, production equipment and high efficiency under the condition of industrial production. Thermal conductivity of silicon sheet market will be more and more wide.


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