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Thermal conductive silicone piece of excellent performance make it electronics manufacturers use of thermal conductive materials



At present, along with the rapid development of science and technology, the advanced high-tech electronic products market is in constant updates, popular with consumers, any parts of electronic products used in the setup process is particularly important, including some thermal conductive materials such as auxiliary materials, in every electronic product operation a large amount of heat is inevitable, to product life is long, the use of customers feel happy, it's need to design the product internal heat conduction process, many electronics manufacturers at present, the thermal conductivity of silicon has become a widely used thermal conductive materials.


Thermal conductive silicone, is the best choice of the ultra-thin electronic product design and development, has a cooling effect. Thermal conductive silicone is using gap filling and heat transfer powder to complete the connection between the heat source and thermal components. Thermal conductivity of silicon sheet application can not only have the effect of heat dissipation, between the parts can play a role of insulation and damping enhancement effect. A lot of people on the thermal conductivity of metal products is higher than the thermal conductivity of organic silicon in question. Why not just used metal heat conduction and thermal silicone piece?

In the development process of electronic product cooling scheme, the thermal conductive silicone used as heat transfer medium, can make the heating source and cooling end and the shell of interface more fully, make performance fully displayed. In the life of the most common cooling combination is CPU and heat sink, if use metal, as long as the heat sink and CPU did not become one, it will produce gap, as long as any scheme of thermal conductivity has clearance, it's almost impossible to achieve the effect of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity silicone material softness and compression performance is very good, can fill any gap heat transfer performance is best, and heat conduction silicone has natural slightly sticky, operation is also very convenient. Second thermal conductive silicone piece between the contact surface of heat source and thermal interface components can effectively reduce the contact thermal resistance, improved the performance of electronic components.


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