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Some problems that should be paid attention to during the construction of the thermal conductive silicone



Thermal conductive silicone is often referred to as thermal paste, it is actually one kind of product. Thermal conductive silicone used in a variety of electronic products and electrical equipment. After long time work in electrical or electronic redundant quantity of heat, in order to can take the heat out, rather than burning heating element, heat conduction silicone need to be coated in the contact surface between the heating element and cooling facilities. So, when making silicone construction we should pay attention to what issues?

At present, the thermal conductivity silicone grease can be used in the transistor, the print head and power supply module, as well as sensor, computer and automotive electronics, after using can reach thermal conductivity, heat dissipation and shock and dustproof performance. However, in the construction process should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. The paint scraper or brush tools such as and not allowed to directly with the hand, through the use of the tools of even daub coating way, not easy to appear the phenomenon of non-uniform thickness.

2. The thermal conductive silicone shall not besmear too thick, shall not exceed 3 mm thickness. Coating is too thick, can affect the thermal conductivity. When the temperature of the electric heating element is too high, will accelerate combustion.

3. The use of thermal conductive silicone, because it is in use process regularly leak, easy to produce silicone oil pollution, so to avoid using a bare leak relay contact.

4. Heat dissipation silicon grease the thinner the better. The best is giving a translucent after construction. This is the best of the best thickness and thermal conductivity.

5. Thermal conductivity silicone grease has good insulation and heat resistance performance, can be in minus 50 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius to work long hours, no any change in performance.

6. The radiator at the bottom of the gap should be no coating. At this point, can be plastic tape on the sleeve of operation, and then clockwise and counterclockwise rubbing with finger, so that the bottom of the gap can be evenly coated.

7. Don't need to need to insulation coating thermal conductive silicone, this is because the thermal conductive silicone is insulating medium.

In order to ensure the smooth construction, construction personnel in addition to professional or have work experience, also must pay attention to the above considerations.


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