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Thermal conductive silicone coating after state will change



Thermal conductive silicone is a kind of is mainly composed of organic silicone materials. This material has excellent heat dissipation performance, so be applied to all kinds of electric and electronic heating equipment, so as to realize the effect of heat dissipation. In construction process, the heating element in electrical equipment and radiator between the contact surface coating thermal conductive silicone. After coated with thermal conductive silicone? It will be frozen?

Thermal conductive silicone is a product of only group share, can be directly use after purchase. When using, must cooperate with scraper or brush. After coating, without waiting for the next step of construction can be made. After coating, the surface will form a paste, this state will not change or curing.

Thermal conductive silicone coating, can be in the surface paste layer thickness less than 3 mm, not sticky parts, but will be tightly glued to the base material surface, achieve the goal of electrical work long time heat dissipation.

Good thermal conductive silicone not frozen after construction, and it has good temperature resistance, its performance between minus 50 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius will not change, so as to ensure the normal work of electric equipment and operation. In fact, the thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity of silicone grease is a kind of common materials, widely used in communications equipment, computers, LED, TV, etc.

If the thermal conductive silicone solidification, it means the quality is poor, the oil spread so fast. When used in electrical appliances, this product can not achieve the desired cooling effect. Users need to pay attention to when buy it, they must pay attention to the thermal conductive silicone oil separation. Good quality is oil separation degree is low.

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