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The right way to use thermal conductivity silica gel



Thermal conductive silicone piece is a kind of can according to the size and shape of the heating power device any cutting heat transfer interface material, has excellent insulation and heat conduction performance, its function is to replace thermal conductivity silicone grease thermal conductive paste and mica sheet dual cooling system, fill the gap between heating power device and the radiator is a good product.

In daily life and work, thermal conductivity silicone piece is slowly has been widely used in electronic electrical products control main board. The following is a thermal conductive silicone piece the right way to use:


1. In order to prevent thermal conductive silicon membrane pollution, the first is to keep the thermal conductive silicone piece face clean, dirty, the thermal conductivity of silicon slice of the viscosity and thermal conductivity of sealing.

2. Remove the thermal conductive silicone, should from the middle fetching large thermal conductive silicone piece, don't need a small area of sheet, because of the large thermal conductive silicone uneven force, can cause deformation, affect the back of the operation, severe cases, silica gel will be damaged.

3. The left hand, right hand to tear off the side of the protective film, in order to maintain the viscosity and thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicon membrane will not damage, not to tear off the protective film on both sides at the same time, reduce the number of direct contact with thermal conductive silicone piece and area.

4. Peel off the protective film of a side, in the face of the radiator, radiator and thermal conductive silicone align with first. When you slowly put down the thermal conductive silicone, be careful to avoid the formation of air bubbles, if produce bubbles in the operation, we can pull up the silicone piece in side repeat the above steps, or with the aid of tools and gently wipe bubbles, in order to avoid damage to the thermal conductive silicone, don't use too strongly.

5. Will the other side of the protective film tear, into the radiator, in order to avoid thermal conductive silicone pull up or strain, we need to gently off the side of the protective film of the last.

6. Fixed or use strong stickiness after thermal conductive silicone pieces, to ensure good fixed thermal conductive silicone vane, a certain pressure on the radiator and stored for a period of time.

In short, in the process of the installation of the thermal conductive silicone piece, should pay attention to is not, is easy to cause air bubbles and damage, causing the waste of money, but also delayed the time.



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