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Thermal conductivity are different from ordinary silica gel silica gel



We all know that thermal conductive silicone is a kind of excellent electronics thermal conductive materials, but many people may not know that there is a difference between it and common silica gel. In fact, the thermal conductive silicone compared with the ordinary glue, the greater advantage that has better thermal performance. Thermal conductive silicone is commonly organic silica gel, curing liquid glue is before, like rubber elastomer after curing.

Thermal conductive silicone is a kind of fill gaps between CPU and radiator material, it can be used for the connection or seal need cooling equipment. Its function is to transfer heat from the CPU to the radiator, keep the CPU temperature at the levels of stability, prevent damage of CPU due to poor heat dissipation performance, prolong service life, and common silica gel basic not coefficient of thermal conductivity, heat dissipation effect is not good.

At present there are a variety of thermal conductive silicone, different USES is determined by the different parameters and physical properties. For example, some suitable for CPU thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity, some suitable for memory some suitable for electric heat conduction, ordinary users can choose according to their needs different thermal conductive silicone.


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