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The application of thermal conductive silicone piece in LED lights



Heat dissipation is the key to the LED lights need to solve problems, but before that, it is a process of thermal conductivity. In the traditional way of heat, thermal conductivity silicone grease is used as thermal conductive materials. Thermal conductive silicone cost is low, but need to use large area, can't even use, but also has a lot of problems.

Cooling copper clad plate and heat sink or metal stent lamp or contact between the metal case. Now many LED lamp manufacturers are using my company provides soft silicone thermal conductive film, can lay large area, easy to operate. The thinnest can reach 0.5 mm, with different thickness are available, such as 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 5 mm... Compression tactility is 20% - 25%, can effectively transfer heat to the radiator.

Thermal conductive silicone conditions more convenient installation, good thermal conductivity, high compression ratio, soft surface adhesive, weather resistance and superior resistance to high pressure products such as technical characteristics. After the industry related manufacturers use the heat transfer effect is obvious, long-term operation of the internal temperature is reduced, the service life of LED lamp is greatly increased, and heat loss is reduced, the light attenuation reduced to a certain range, the service life of LED lights, lumen improved, also improved working environment temperature.

Now, LED thermal conductive silicone is widely used in high power LED lamps and lanterns, the scope of power for 18 w ~ 200 w, such as LED street light, spot light, floodlight, tunnel light, underground light, wash wall lamp, dye light etc, its flame retardant fire prevention performance meet the requirements of U.L 94 v - 0, conform to the requirements of the eu SGS environmental protection certification. Working temperature is commonly - 40 ℃ ~ + 220 ℃.

Using thermal conductivity silica gel is a good choice. Hong da industrial co., LTD. Is a professional independent research and development, production, sales series thermal conductive materials manufacturers. At present, in order to satisfy the using demand of the domestic LED lighting industry and company combining with the experience of cooperation related to LED industry, LED lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation requirements and structural features, development and production of LED thermal conductive silicone, and applied to the market. Welcome customers friends to inquire!


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