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The function of the thermal conductivity of mud



Thermal conductivity of mud is a good heat conduction medium, has good thixotropy, can knead into any shape, suitable for all kinds of electronic components. It can effectively transfer the heat generated by the electronic components to heat dissipation on the shell, so as to improve the heat dissipation capability of electronic components. Also can be used as a heat transfer materials. Just put the heat evenly coated in mud need heating device, can conduct heat source of heat efficiency, evenly to the need to heating devices. The most typical application case is associated with heat pipe. With heat pipe is attached to the chemical, petrochemical pipeline of heating tube. Its main function is to provide heat for pipeline, the pipeline of chemical raw materials due to the low temperature solidification, it is not easy to cause congestion. However, in order to save cost, in general, only a heat pipe line, which will result in uneven heating pipe, easy to cause the material degeneration, such as the production of degradation, carbon, such as loss of activity. To solve this problem, people usually use thermal mud on trace pipe and duct with a circle, make with heat pipe in heat evenly is passed on to the delivery pipe, through the use of thermal conductive mud, not only convenient for construction, also saves the cost.


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