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Thermal conductive silicon thin film in the application of the computer



Thermal conductive silicon thin film, with its excellent thermal conductivity and thermal performance and good plasticity and thickness is widely used in laptop computers and tablet CPU. At present, the electronics manufacturers of thermal conductivity of silicon sheet widespread used in notebook, so when people use a laptop to clean up the long-term, often can not be careful to take away the silicone piece. In this case, how to use the thermal conductive silicone or how to replace it has become a hot issue in the online search, hong da industrial small make up have made brief explanation.


Thermal conductive silicon membrane is often used in some place is not convenient to apply silicone, such as the power part of the motherboard, motherboard power supply part of the heat is larger, but Mostube part is not flat, is not convenient to apply silicon grease, so you can stick on the graphics card heat sink or thermal conductive silicon sheet, it requires multiple parts in contact with the different parts of the graphics card, use silicon grease is not convenient, this time with the thermal conductive silicon thin film, before using silicon sheet, need to clean the CPU core surface and the bottom of the radiator, can choose high purity solvent (such as high purity isoamyl alcohol) and velvet wash and wear cloth to clean out (such as a camera lens cloth), be careful not to let the fingers touch the radiator and the core surface. To determine and CPU in the contact area on the radiator, and cut the size of the silicon sheet directly into the substrate near the gap.


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