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Thermal conductivity silica gel in the application of switching power supply



Thermal conductive silicone sheet application products: all kinds of electronic equipment, household appliances, etc.

Purpose: thermal conductivity silicone piece can be used in between the bottom of the PCB board and shell or chip (heat source) and the radiator installation requires the cooling equipment.

Thermal conductive silicone piece has good filling effect because of its material properties, especially thermal resistance with a certain amount of compression is smaller, the thermal effect is better. At the same time, the material is different from other heat conduction medium material, its itself has good electrical insulation and shock absorption effect. In addition, the thermal conductive silicone piece of easy to use, reusable, not easy to wear, easy to install the cooling module, material stable performance, without having to worry about any transportation environment, save manpower and material resources. In fact, the thermal conductivity of silicon sheet application is very simple, usually used in electronic equipment heat conduction and thermal process.




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