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The choice of coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity silicone



How to use thermal conductive silicone piece? The application of thermal conductivity silica gel in the cooling scheme and silica gel coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity should be how to choose? Shenzhen hong da industrial co., LTD. The below small make up a simple introduce for you.

In early stage of product design and development of thermal conductive silicone piece must be added to the design and the hardware structure, circuit design. Considerations for generally have: structural considerations, install, test, EMC considerations, damping sound-absorbing considerations, coefficient of thermal conductivity considerations, etc.


1. Choose the cooling plan:

In set-top boxes, PDP and other consumer electronics cooling scheme, usually using passive cooling, and traditional cooling scheme mainly cooling scheme. The current trend is to cancel the radiator, the radiator is adopted, such as the support, metal shell, or combined radiator solutions and heat dissipation structure, under different system requirements and the environment, choose better cost-effective solutions

2. In order to select the cooling structure, must consider the local outstanding thermal contact surface structure and local avoid, and balance the thermal conductivity of silicon thin film structure and size selection process. Suggestions under the condition of process allows try not to choose the special thick thermal conductivity silica gel. To facilitate the operation, generally it is recommended to use the single side adhesive, paste it on the heat dissipation structure; Here, should choose a better compression ratio, in order to ensure the constant pressure to thermal conductivity silica gel. Thermal conductivity of silicon sheet thickness selection must be greater than the cooling structure and heat source theory clearance limit is poor, can generally be greater than 1 mm ~ 2 mm. Should also be considered when choosing heat dissipation structure, element position in PCB layout, height and packaging forms, in order to place the heat source, reduce the heat dissipation structure.

3. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of choice

Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the most important choice depends on the power consumption and heat radiator or cooling structure of cooling capacity. In general, the temperature of the chip specifications is relatively low, or sensitive to temperature, or heat flow is opposite bigger, these chips or heat source to heat treatment, and try to choose the high thermal conductivity coefficient of thermal conductivity of silicon sheet. Consumer electronics industry is usually banned chip junction temperature higher than 85 degrees. The surface of the test at high temperature, the control chip is less than 75 degrees. Components of the entire card is basically a commercial grade components, so the system of internal temperature should not exceed 50 degrees at room temperature. The first appearance of the surface, or terminal customers can contact surface, suggest the temperature should be below 45 degrees at room temperature. Choose high coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicon thin film, can not only meet the design requirements, and to maintain a certain design margin.



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