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The difference between thermal conductive silicone piece and thermal conductive silicon film



What's the difference between thermal conductive silicone and thermal conductive silicon film, used respectively in where? The following questions by hong da industrial for you!

Thermal conductive silicone is a kind of silicone material, is based on the rubber silicone series of a kind of organic silicon material. Thermal conductive silicone sheet with good thermal conductivity and high compression performance, is a kind of manufacturability and practicability of the thermal conductive materials. It is a kind of synthetic heat-conducting medium material by feature technology. In the industry, thermal conductive silicone is commonly used in portable WLIF, tablets, smart phones, network digital player and other electronic products.

I believe a lot of friends want to know what thermal conductive silicon film is, in fact, the silica gel is the name of Taiwan and other parts of Asia, the old name, silica gel and silica gel used to call it as silica gel, so, in summary, both itself is a kind of product, when someone need silicon film in the future, we can know clearly, in fact, what he needs is thermal conductivity silica gel.



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