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Thermal conductive silicone is how to develop



With the continuous development of science and technology, the original material cannot have satisfied people's needs.

In the field of electrical and electronic, put a layer of insulation between the heater and radiator medium as thermal conductive materials is one of the traditional cooling methods, for example, mica, beryllium oxide ceramics, teflon, etc. This method has a certain effect, but there are poor heat conductivity, high price, low mechanical properties.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of the integrated technology and assembly technology, electronic components and logic circuit has turned towards miniaturization, the calorific value but also increased, so we need to high thermal conductivity of insulation materials to eliminate the heat generated by the electronic devices.

Thermal conductive silicone is an important part of the thermal conductive materials, can be solidified at room temperature, the color is black or white. It needs to react with water vapour in the air, and then to set. After curing has certain elasticity, adhesion and elongation, thermal conductive paste has a fixed bonding performance, can satisfy the requirements of the technology of sealing. It provides the miniaturization of electronic equipment.

Low coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicone, its working temperature is generally not more than 200 ℃, it also limits the scope of application of thermal conductive silicone.

Science and technology progress, people hope to play a bigger role thermal conductivity silicone grease, so the thermal conductive silicone from appearing to developed slowly.


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