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Thermal conductivity of silicon sheet applications and USES



Thermal conductivity based on silica gel as the backing material, add metal oxide, and other auxiliary materials, synthetic heat-conducting medium material by the special craft. In the field is also called thermal conductive silicone pads, thermal conductive silicon film, soft conduction heat conduction pad, thermal conductivity silicone gaskets, etc. It is specially designed and manufactured for the use of gap heat transfer, it can fill the gap, complete the fever heat transfer between parts and cooling, can also play a role sealing, shock absorption, insulation, can meets the design requirements of miniaturization, ultra-thin equipment. It is manufacturability and practical very strong material, has a wide range of thickness and the range of application. Is a good thermal conductive filler.

Application field

 1. The power industry

MOS tubes, transformers (/ PFC inductor or capacitor) and between the radiator or shell adopts thermal conductivity silica gel.

2. The application of automotive electronics industry

In the field of automotive electronics applications (such as xenon lamp ballasts, audio, car series products, etc.) can be used for heat conduction silicone.

3. Use the LED field

(1) aluminum plate and fin between using thermal conductivity silica gel.

(2) the aluminum plate between the shell and the thermal conductivity silica gel.

4. The application of the PDP, LED TV

Power amplifier IC, heat transfer between image decoding chip and radiator (shell).

5. Electrical appliances industry

Microwave oven, air conditioner fan motor (power between the chip and shell), induction cooker (thermistor and the radiator).

6. The communications industry

(1) the td-scdma CDMA mainboard IC products and heat conduction and thermal radiator or shell.

(2) set-top box DC - DC IC and the shell.

Thermal conductive silicone piece can be used in electrical and electronic products and inside and outside the base plate of the motor control board, floor MATS, electronic appliances, auto machinery, mainframe computers, notebook computers, DVD, VCD and any need filling material and the heat dissipation module.

Can be divided into general thermal conductive silicon sheet, strong thermal conductivity silica gel, silica gel pills, glass fiber thermal conductive silicone.


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