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Thermal conductive silicone with environmental protection



Thermal conductive silicone piece because of the complexity of the raw materials, technology, so a lot of people will think its the product itself is not enough environmental protection, in fact, it is more environmentally friendly than we imagine. Hong da industrial small make up today is to talk about thermal conductive silicone pieces of environmental protection.

Silica gel is the main components of the thermal conductive silicon sheet, it is a common material in our lives. Look from the characteristic, the silicone products is a kind of avirulent insipidity, harmless to human body, of course, in addition to false silica gel products, fake the silicone products is coarser, generally has a pungent smell. In the eighty s, for example, the shoes in the street with a strong rubber smell, when no one care about whether the toxic, whether or not environmental protection. However, with the improvement of people's living standard, environment protection more and more get people's attention.


There are testing the silicone environmental performance of the instrument. Normally, it is in testing the environmental protection, will detect fluoride, chlorine, bromine and iodine halogen. Thermal conductive materials can be divided into insulation and insulation materials, all the metal itself is a good thermal conductive materials, but do not have metal insulation performance, however, thermal conductive silicone piece has achieved good effect of insulation and thermal conductivity. Its insulation performance and flame retardant performance is one of the important indicators. In order to improve the flame retardant effect of thermal conductive silicone pieces, some manufacturers will ten bromine diphenyl oxide as fire retardant is added to the thermal conductive silicone, and reach the level of ROHS testing. With ROHS testing the thermal conductivity of silicon silicon sheet has good toughness and elasticity, not easy to deformation due to external force, feel is smooth, and has 100% of the environmental performance.

On the market of false thermal conductive silicone products texture is very rough and easy to deformation. Thermal conductive silicone sheet is divided into a variety of colors. Any one who worked in a paint factory know the smell of paint is very thick, the conflict with the environmental protection? In general, its printing ink used halogen-free, silicone masterbatch, the formulation that do not contain halogen, namely, iodine, fluorine bromine amine which accord with the eu ROHS environmental protection requirements, which compared with the formula containing halogen, color master more environmentally friendly. We can also by burning to distinguish real thermal conductive silicone and false thermal conductivity silica gel pills. True thermal conductive silicone piece no matter what color are white smoke, burning residual is white powder, fake thermal conductive silicone piece of black smoke during burning, the rest is black powder.



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